Aríel's Bed & Breakfast

4351 West Lake Road

Mayville, NY 14757

~ 440-552-3280 ~

A Truly Country Atmosphere


Your stay at Aríel's offers much more than a relaxing night's rest. You will want to tour the property and visit Ariel the Icelandic horse and the other residents of the barnyard.


Rockers on the Porch of Ariels B&B Rock your stress away while sitting on the porch of Aríel's Bed & Breakfast. Watch Aríel and her friends, enjoy the view, smell the country air and plan a picnic.



Stroll the grounds and find flowers and wildlife.


Rabbit statue on the porch of Ariel's Bed & BreakfastAriel


Be sure to watch for some more of those unique and charming items decorating the porch and grounds as they do the house interior.